Ms. Sangita Reddy
SAHI’s President

“It has been my privilege to be associated with SAHI from its day of inception and derive immense pride from what SAHI has achieved over the years. SAHI has not just served thousands of children with hearing impairment but has created widespread awareness about the challenge it poses to the community. I wish to thank all the donors who have contributed to the cause of the hearing impaired and congratulate the entire SAHI team for having done what few others have done”



Dr. K. Hari Prasad
SAHI Vice President

“Small deeds make a big difference has been the inspiration behind SAHI. For two decades now, we have made progress in improving access and ensuring treatment to as many as possible. From adopting the Chevella constituency for making it deaf free to treating over 12000 children till date, we are well on our way to visualize the change SAHI team had imagined.  I wish and encourage the SAHI team to continue to scale newer heights and make tangible change in the lives of many more families of the economically disadvantaged children.”



-Dr. Ram Babu
Director of Medical Services

“There are very few organizations working for the cause of deafness especially in children. A normal hearing is a prerequisite for a time bound development of normal speech and language and also the associated social development of the child otherwise the child’s development is drastically affected and becomes dependent on parents and the society.

SAHI is working towards bringing this awareness across through camps, print, social and broadcast media. SAHI was instrumental in getting the state government to include Cochlear Implant programme in its Rajiv Aarogyasri free health scheme.

The incidence of the problem with its geographic distribution is a big challenge and there is a need for more organizations like SAHI. SAHI with its selfless services to the community wishes to join hands with like minded people to help these unfortunate children.”



-Maunica– Venella’s (Cochlear Implantee) Mother

“My child, Venella is hearing impaired. We figured this out when she was 6 years old. Even the thought of getting a cochlear implant for our child without SAHI’s help was scary because we cannot afford it. Now our child is 7 years old and after the surgery and rehabilitation assistance is able to hear and talk clearly and confidently. We are very thankful and will remain grateful to SAHI all our life.”



-Binitha Reddy

“I thank SAHI for giving me an opportunity to volunteer with them. I have learned and experienced so much right from witnessing the admirable dedication of the doctors, involved,  to observing the hearing tests done at the hospital, to attending the rural camp at Chevella.

I’m a foster parent for V. Babu, one of the cochlear implantees and have had the privilege to be a part of his live cochlear implant surgery, done by Dr.E.C.Vinaya Kumar. I feel honoured to be a part of his life and to monitor his progress right from the day of the surgery till he grows up to lead a normal life with normal speech and hearing. The experience has also played a crucial role in my medical course.”



-Guruswamy Revana

“I feel privileged and honored to be associated with SAHI. I am faculty of BVRIT an engineering college and my journey with SAHI started when I volunteered at their CI Family Reunion programme. During this, I emotionally connected to the implantees and their families after listening to their disheartening stories. After seeing the success stories and happiness in the parent’s eyes I was really inspired. I brought all my students and faculty members of my college to know more about the activities and the therapies given by SAHI to the kids. We were astonished to see the training provided with extreme patience and perseverance by the special teachers and therapists. Their endurance levels motivated all of us to do something. With the guidance and support of Dr.E.C.Vinaya Kumar and Ms.Unnati Shah, our team decided to do help SAHI with the technological aspect. We are helping SAHI by designing applications that will help the children for AVT and wish to make SAHI’s website more attractive and sophisticated technologically. I wish our association continues and create wonders.”

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