Success Stories


Ujuwalla was born without eyes and abandoned by her birth parents.

When she started attending a preschool for the blind, the teachers noticed that Ujuwalla was not responding to sounds. Ujuwalla, 1 and a half year old little girl was then labeled as a “deaf and blind” orphan.

SAHI saw the potential in the girl and gave her the gift of hearing by donating a cochlear implant. This gift will help her evolve from the world of silence. Now Ujuwalla is full of life and is accomplishing all her developmental milestones normally.

Now that she has bilateral cochlear implants, her world is completely different and musical.  She hears voices, babbles and hopefully will develop speech in the near future.



Nishitha is a bright 17-year-old who just completed her intermediate. She is a normal girl with hopes and dreams who aspires to become an engineer someday. Talking to her, you would never guess that there was a time when she could neither hear nor speak.

Nishitha was diagnosed with congenital deafness when she was 9 months old. Her father is a small time businessman and her mother is a home maker. Together, they tried their best to help Nishitha lead a normal life. She was 9 years old when the improvement in her language and listening made her family consider a cochlear implant.

SAHI helped them let go of their fears and provided them with financial assistance for the surgery. After the implant, Nishitha underwent auditory verbal therapy at the hospital for a year along with her mother. The therapists and her mother pushed Nishitha to give her best. All their efforts paid off! Now she can hear clearly, talks dime a dozen and has a bright future ahead of her.

This is the story of Nishitha, a girl who went from just being able to respond to some sounds to being a confident, ambitious teenager who can speak with ease.


lakshmi-likhithaLAKSHMI LIKHITHA

Lakshmi was a year and a half old when her parents identified her hearing impairment. They consulted ENT specialists and audiologists who recommended hearing  aids and auditory training classes. When she showed no improvement, the doctors suggested that she go for a cochlear implant. At the age of 12, she underwent the surgery CI in 2010, she upgraded to advanced speech processer N5 from a basic one and her speech perception improved substantially.

Lakshmi secured 88% is her SSC exam and 70% in her intermediate. She has joined an engineering college and aspires to become a civil engineer soon. She has taken a keen interest in cultural activities, particularly dance and has given several performances. Her successful journey was even acknowledged by then chief minister Late Dr.Rajashekar Reddy with an award.


sai-chandan-1SAI CHANDAN

Chandan was diagnosed with profound hearing loss at the age of 2. The audiologist at his native place recommended the use of hearing aids and auditory training. Even after two years, his parents did not see any improvement in his hearing. He was completely dependent upon lip reading. When he was 7 years old, he went through the cochlear implant surgery followed by a year and half of training with a habilitationalist. After rehabilitation, Chandan took up lawn tennis and won 2 gold medals and a silver medal at national level tournaments.

Chandan is going to appear for his 10th examinations soon. He follows Telugu and English with ease at school and home. He has participated in many lawn tennis tournaments and has won many accolades. He has even been selected for international tournaments.



Pallavi lost her sense of hearing at the age of 3 due to a high fever and meningitis. She tried using hearing aids and attended auditory training classed for 2 years as suggested by the audiologist. But it was of no help and she was completely dependent on lip reading to understand what was happening around her. When she was 12 years old, she underwent the cochlear implant surgery. After undergoing training by a habilitationist for a year and a half, she started attending normal school.

Pallavi has completed her 10th and is now pursuing her intermediate. In 2012, she upgraded to the N5 speech processor which improved her speech perception scores during rains and while among big groups. She follows Telugu and English with ease. She has even learnt Bharat Natyam and has secured prizes at various dance competitions.




Revathi was diagnosed with profound hearing loss as a child.  She used hearing aids for six years and was encouraged to improve her speech and language skills. When she was 9 years old, she got her cochlear implant surgery. She attended auditory training after the implant. Thanks to that, she scored 88% in her SSC exam and secured 76% in her intermediate exams. Revathi is now pursuing her engineering and can speak and follow both Telugu and English with ease. Her skills with ABACUS fetched her a national level award.

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