Spreading Awareness



 Creating awareness and informing people about auditory health and related issues is core to SAHI’s overall objective of assisting the hearing impaired.

Spreading awareness at the Rural Camps

Rural awareness camps are held across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. SAHI’s holistic information sessions include educating people about the importance of hygiene in good health. SAHI dedicates the first half hour of each of these camps going over various such basics.

SAHI also aims to help current and prospective parents understand how to help their children at a stage when medical intervention can still help. Early identification and efforts to remedy hearing impairment are crucial to helping the overall development of children. Generally the awareness presentation focuses on the developmental milestones of a child and helps parents understand how to identify hearing related issues in their children.




Educational Institutions- Schools/ Colleges

SAHI also conducts awareness sessions in public and private schools, educating students about noise pollution and its effects on hearing loss. SAHI believes in the power of educating youth. Focusing on young people has recurring benefits as they become ambassadors of information within their communities.

Print and Digital Media

Awareness programmes and drives are carried out using various channels, from newspaper articles to the printing and distribution of pamphlets, banners as well as direct interaction with the rural population. SAHI also releases quarterly newsletters that answer frequently asked questions and offers good amount of content on new technology and treatments available. SAHI directors often partake in television programmes and radio talks to help with community and public outreach efforts.

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