Individual Donations

How can I contribute as an Individual?

A little goes a long way – that is what SAHI believes. Every person’s contribution helps us get a little closer to our goal of aiding the hearing impaired. If you wish to be a part of our organization and help us in our efforts, here are some ways to do that!

Create Awareness!

We need more people to know about the issues faced by the hearing impaired and SAHI’s efforts. You can help too!

  • Spread the word about SAHI and its efforts
  • Follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and help us increase our network
  • Write stories and updates for our official blog
  • Do an awareness campaign on issues related to hearing impairments and SAHI in your work place, housing society, community gatherings, gyms, clubs, colleges &schools
  • Help SAHI become the preferred charity in your work place so your colleagues can be a part of this noble cause too

We will help you with communication material to spread the word!

Get Involved!

Work closely with us and experience the joy of giving back to the society.

  • Volunteer at our camps
  • Become a foster parentof a hearing impaired child
  • Help us identify potential donors
  • Intern with SAHI
  • Become a fundraiser for SAHI
  • Help us with our social media marketing
  • Help us organize events to increase awareness

Donate to this cause!

 If you can think of other ways that you can help this cause, do get in touch with us. We welcome support in every form!

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