Hearing Impaired Girl Child Initiative


Our regressive culture makes it difficult for a hearing impaired girl child in India to lead a normal life.

The reason for focusing primarily on the girl child is threefold. Firstly, in India, a hearing impaired girl is in greater danger of facing abuse both physically and mentally. Secondly, Indian girls are historically given lower priority over boys for any services. The prohibitive cost of treatment often forces parents to make a choice when they have more than one child requiring treatment- they most often prefer to use their limited resources on their sons rather than daughters. Thirdly, a hearing and speech impaired Indian girl is in greater danger of remaining unemployed or unmarried. Even if the parents manage to pay huge sums of dowry and get a hearing impaired girl married, chances are she would still be ill-treated by her in-laws.

Our aim is to give the implant virtually free of cost to the recipient.
SAHI’s goal is to help a minimum of 50 girl children get the gift of hearing through cochlear implants this year,under this project.

Helping a hearing impaired girl child through Cochlear Implant Surgery will help her evolve into a respectable citizen. She will be able to take care of herself and strive to achieve her dreams and ambitions. She will also be able to live life on her own terms rather than those unfairly imposed on her due to her inability to hear or speak.

Let us give these girl children the gift of hearing and see them transform the world!

Donate now and let all hear

  1. Bank name : ANDHRA BANK
  2. Branch code : 1075
  3. Bank Address : Apollo Hospital Branch, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. 500033
  4. Beneficiary name : Society to Aid the Hearing Impaired (SAHI)
  5. IBAN : SAHI does not have international bank account number.
  6. Account Number : 107511011000499


  • The account number given here is the international bank account number for Andhra Bank – 36153818
  • All donations are eligible for income tax rebate under section 80G.
  • SAHI is also registered under FCRA and eligible to receive foreign funds.

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