Foster Parents Programme

Under this initiative, an individual or a group of individuals adopt a potential cochlear implantee and become his or her foster parents.

Foster parents keep in regular touch with the Cochlear implantee and monitor the child’s progress with regard to Auditory Verbal Therapy and development of speech and language for at least the two years after the surgery. They have the privilege of being a part of the “switch-on” moment which happens three weeks after the surgery. The switch – on is when the child hears sound for the first time, and is doubtless the best and most rewarding part of the entire process. They are also welcome to attend the child’s therapy sessions to personally monitor his/her growth.

The program was initiated in October 2014.

Many individuals/employees and students are now playing the roles of responsible foster parents.

Donate now and let all hear

  1. Bank name : ANDHRA BANK
  2. Branch code : 1075
  3. Bank Address : Apollo Hospital Branch, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. 500033
  4. Beneficiary name : Society to Aid the Hearing Impaired (SAHI)
  5. IBAN : SAHI does not have international bank account number.
  6. Account Number : 107511011000499


  • The account number given here is the international bank account number for Andhra Bank – 36153818
  • All donations are eligible for income tax rebate under section 80G.
  • SAHI is also registered under FCRA and eligible to receive foreign funds.

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