Deaf Free Telangana

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, SAHI initiated an ambitious programme called ‘Deaf Free Telangana’ by adopting Chevella parliamentary constituency with the aim of making it a ‘deaf free zone’ over the next two years.

The project includes intensive public awareness programmes, regular camps for children below the age of 15, distribution of hearing aids and providing free corrective surgical procedures for the hearing impaired.

This programme has been implemented with the help of Apollo Hospitals and Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences and Research.

In conjunction with Apollo, SAHI set up its first camp on the 19th of October, 2014 in Chevella. In this camp, the team screened 250 children, provided hearing aids free of cost to 8 children and enrolled 18 more children for surgeries.

Apollo medical students also joined hands with SAHI as active volunteers at these camps with the aim of contributing to a society that can overcome hearing impairment issues.

SAHI conducts camps, once in 4-6 weeks in and around the constituency. After the screening at the camp, the needy are brought to Apollo Hospitals and are given free medical assistance. SAHI’s goal is to help them get the best available medical care and treatment.

Donate now and let all hear

  1. Bank name : ANDHRA BANK
  2. Branch code : 1075
  3. Bank Address : Apollo Hospital Branch, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. 500033
  4. Beneficiary name : Society to Aid the Hearing Impaired (SAHI)
  5. IBAN : SAHI does not have international bank account number.
  6. Account Number : 107511011000499


  • The account number given here is the international bank account number for Andhra Bank – 36153818
  • All donations are eligible for income tax rebate under section 80G.
  • SAHI is also registered under FCRA and eligible to receive foreign funds.

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