Cochlear Implant Club

 The Cochlear Implant Club comprises of approximately 1200+ members who have received Cochlear Implant surgeries at Apollo CI Clinic.

The benefit of being a CI member includes one year of free follow-up care, with doctors helping develop a road map for ongoing care that include therapy sessions, mapping and the monitoring of ongoing hygiene.  SAHI team keeps in touch with club members and tries to support them throughout the process in the most optimal way possible.



Annually SAHI conducts a huge event calling all its implantees with their families for a gala reunion. The main objective of this is to monitor the growth and progress of the children and to encourage and motivate others. The implantees’ well-being is SAHI’s foremost priority and our motto is to have a life-long relationship with the patients and their families. SAHI’s Cochlear Implantee Family Reunion is a way for SAHI to achieve this.

It is a long journey for the Cochlear Implantees even after successful surgeries. SAHI Cochlear Implantee Family members are provided with one year of free follow-up care and therapy sessions along with mapping and monitoring of ongoing hygiene. SAHI team keeps in touch with the family members and supports them throughout the whole process.

SAHI’s aim is to help hearing impaired children live a normal live and go to regular schools after implantation. But our children have exceeded all expectations! They are not only excelling academically but with the help of the implants they are participating in extra-curricular activities and doing exceptionally well. From tennis and chess to dancing and academics, our implantees have accomplished a lot since their surgeries.

The reunion is a chance to recognize their achievements. It makes us proud to see all our implantees in one place and see how far they have come! We hope to have more children join our SAHI Cochlear Implantee Family every year!


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