Auditory Verbal Therapy


Therapy given to the children post-surgery, focuses on learning through listening and speaking. The aim of this therapy is to train hearing impaired and speech impaired children to listen and understand spoken language in order to help them communicate through speech using hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Parents are the major influence in a child’s life during his or her first five years. They are the child’s primary and most effective teachers. Thus, the Auditory-Verbal approach is a parent-oriented approach.

We have a team of trained therapists who organize individual and group therapy sessions for the Cochlear Implantees and children with other additional disabilities on a weekly basis. Every week, therapists plan and set Audition, Language, Speech, and Cognition goals for each child. These are age appropriate activities and are designed according to the child’s listening level and interest. All areas of development are carefully monitored and managed in order to understand the child’s potential to develop spoken language through listening. Goals are set within a developmental framework and progress is closely monitored. Sessions are playful and highly functional in order to ensure easy carry-over into the family’s everyday routine.

To date we have trained over 1200+ children with cochlear implants as well as children with hearing aids and other disabilities. Most of these children are now successfully integrated into mainstream schools.

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