Effects of Hearing Loss

How different life must be for someone who cannot hear! Did you ever pause and think how this impairment can affect a child and his or her growth?

Effect on Mental Development

  • Thought, Imagination and Response are the 3 factors responsible for the development of the human intellect. Hearing impairment can hinder the thought process.
  • They do not display a normal response mechanism as they are unable to listen to sounds, voices or words.

Impact on studies

  • Children with hearing impairment are likely to lag behind when it comes to education and grasping subjects.
  • Understanding even commonly used words and definitions is difficult.
  • Difficulty in learning languages and comprehending the subject matter.
  • Difficulty to grasp concepts in subjects like mathematics and sciences.
  • Hearing impairment acts as a barrier and creates distance, preventing these children from mingling and making friends with normal children.
  • The widening gap between normal children and hearing impaired children makes it difficult for them to be equally active and agile while learning.

 Language problems

  • We learn to talk by listening .Since hearing impaired cannot listen to the spoken word, their capacity to learn a language is also affected.
  • Despite having normal vocal chords, most of these children suffer from speech impairment too since they are unable to hear what others say and process words. So, if hearing disability is not treated in time, deaf children end up becoming mute too.
  • Common language is a bridge that establishes relationships among people. As hearing impaired is unable to establish links with others due to lack of conversation in a common language, they find themselves gradually alienated from others in the society.

 Social Problems

  • Loneliness haunts hearing impaired as they cannot interact with people. Very often they feel left out from the main stream of society.
  • Communication gap.
  • Feel lack of connect at home, at school and with the society at large making them feel uncomfortable or disoriented, which creates stress, unhappiness and restlessness.
  • Unable to vent their feelings leads them to suppressing their emotional expression.