Importance of Hearing

The ability to hear is taken for granted by most of us. Its importance is felt only when it is lost. Hearing impairment is the second most common disability but is rarely given much thought. It is our bounden duty to bring in more awareness on hearing impairment and its effects on the patient’s families and indirectly on the society as well.


The general reaction of the public and the other children when they come across hearing impaired children is that of ridicule, giving little thought to the trauma faced by them. Parents, teachers and the public need to have a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by hearing impaired children in order to deal with their problems and issues effectively.



The ability to hear is critical to understanding the world around us. Human relations are nurtured through dialogue and communication is made possible by the art of listening. To listen and to respond are the basic foundations that determine interaction and bonding in our society. Therefore, ear is a key organ in the development of human relations and personal growth.


Hearing is a complex process of picking up sound and adding a meaning to it. The human ear is a fully developed part of the body at birth and responds to sounds that are very faint as well as sounds that are very loud. In fact, infants respond to sound even before birth.